Samsung denies that the pictures of the moon taken with the S23 Ultra Space Zoom camera are fake

Samsung’s Space Zoom feature for Galaxy phones came under the microscope (or maybe telescope) again this week after a Reddit post claimed that the software process involves producing extra detail. Samsung has now responded to the allegations and disputed the claims in the form of an official new citation blog post (opens in a new tab).

We asked Samsung directly if photos of the moon taken with phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra include overlaying additional details or textures that are not present in the original photos. In an official statement, Samsung said: “When a user takes a photo of the Moon, the AI-based scene optimization technology recognizes the Moon as the main subject and takes multiple shots to achieve a multi-frame composition, after which the AI ​​enhances the details, image quality and colors. It does not apply any image overlay to the photo.”

Samsung added that this process is not mandatory, stating that “users can disable the AI-powered Scene Optimizer, which will disable automatic detail enhancement in all photos taken.” However, doing so will prevent you from achieving the results that are possible with Scene Optimization turned on, as this feature goes far beyond adjusting the exposure.

This photo from a new Samsung blog post shows the impact of its “Detail Enhancement Engine” which works alongside Super Resolution technology. (Image credit: Samsung)

These comments reflect what Samsung previously said about its Space Zoom moon photos being reformatted into new ones blog post (opens in a new tab) which is similar to the one we saw earlier in a Samsung Community Wall (opens in a new tab).

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